2021 Branded Apparel Trends

  • Feb 4, 2021

2021 may be starting with many people still working from home—but we’re all excited for that to change. And this year’s apparel trends will reflect the shift.


Stay ahead of the curve by presenting clients and employees with branded apparel that they’ll both appreciate and use as we return to offices, conference rooms, and in-person socializing.

Apparel Trend #1: inFusion 

First things first: the pandemic is still here. This means that many people are still spending far more time at home than normal—where comfort upstages traditional business attire and the jokes about participating in meetings in sweatpants and slippers never end.


Comfortable branded gear fills the current need for cozy casual. Meet inFusion. Offering a razor-sharp replication of an image, inFusion branding can’t be felt when you touch the material. There’s no plasticy feel—just the soft texture of the shirt or hoody itself. This breathable, lightweight method gives you the flexibility to be inventive yet appealing. A name, a logo, or an image can be clear and comfortable at the same time.


Stay in contact with clients or welcome employees into 2021 with comfortable, branded clothing. For instance, if you’re hosting a virtual conference or talk, consider including experience boxes with inFusion branded T-shirts or long-sleeved cotton shirts from the virtual event—a twist that can bring back memories of in-person meetings and build camaraderie, even when participants are far apart.

Apparel Trend #2: Debossing

Another trending imprinting choice is debossing. This method indents your logo and company name into the clothing. It’s subtle and elegant—and because it works well on traditional outerwear, such as fleece or leather, it’s a great way to let your brand see the light of day.


There’s a strong argument that any winter is a good time for debossed winter clothing, but that’s especially the case this winter when so many people are spending time outdoors—whether to socialize with friends or simply destress from pandemic anxiety with a walk or a hike.


Reach out to a few clients with a debossed fleece jacket or vest. It’s a creative way to associate your brand with a high-quality item they’ll use day after day. For example, a nonprofit might want to thank its board with branded outerwear that members might wear around town—always a great conversation-starter and a way to proudly represent your organization.

Apparel Trend #3: Unique imprinting locations

In 2021, we’re all on the edge of our seats (literally) for the shift from Zoom meetings to in-person conversations. And with that shift will come the fact that suddenly coworkers, clients, and friends can see more than just the shirt you’re wearing.


The apparel industry anticipates clothing trends to reflect this with bolder, splashier colors—and a renewed appreciation for innovative and unexpected imprinting. 


In 2021, expect clever branding that takes advantage of the fact that we’ll be getting to see the full, 3D version of each other again. Creative imprinting locations like the bottom of a shirt, along a sleeve, or on the yolk will be delightfully surprising as we ease out of home quarantine.


With this in mind, consider a western-style or denim shirt with branding across the yolk. Or a fleece with your company’s name along the bottom hem. It’s the perfect welcome-back gift for employees when you do return to the office.

Apparel Trend #4: Return of tie-dye

You’ve probably heard before that old fashion trends usually make their way back into popularity. This year, expect to see a return that keeps on making a comeback: tie-dye. 


From three quarter zip-ups to short-sleeve tees, there’s a variety of styles to choose from. And they’re not just for the younger generations! Think classy meets Woodstock and you’ll have today’s version of tie-dye. 

Apparel Trend #5: Cozy materials

Comfortable apparel isn’t going away any time soon. Keep your clients and team in comfort with jersey knit pieces, or opt for fleece pieces to keep them warm, whether it’s inside hibernating or outside exploring.  


Take a tip from the retail world: loungewear has never been hotter. With work-from-home officially the new normal, everyone is looking for comfortable but Zoom appropriate. Make their hygge dreams come true by choosing materials meant to add a little extra cozy to their day. 


Design choices are part of your brand

Harness the wide range of style choices offered by branded apparel to create a gift for employees or clients that dovetails with your company’s professional image.


We’re at an odd cross-section of time where a year of virtual oversaturation has made people more appreciative of physical gifts than ever before. We’re also poised, in the latter half of 2021, for a much-anticipated return of in-person events—and we’re ready for a reason to get excited about clothing choices again. 


Expect apparel trends to revel in this return to physical detail with a nod to the recent past’s emphasis on comfortwear and a celebration of the in-person present with bright colors and surprising details.


Trend-forward, branded apparel takes advantage of this crossroads by building goodwill with clients and employees—getting your company’s logo out in the world at the same time.

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