5 Ways to Make Gift Boxes Part of Your Business Growth

  • Feb 18, 2021

After a year of spending a lot of time at home—and living much of our lives through virtual platforms—the impact of physical gifts is greater than ever.


Everyone appreciates a little gratitude, especially these days. Why not build your bottom line with gift boxes? These five strategies help you connect with clients and employees—and grow your business.

Capitalize on virtual events

As conferences continue to be held virtually, it’s worth planning for how to help attendees connect. After all, the casual networking of introducing yourself to the person seated next to you or following up with someone about their presentation over happy hour drinks used to be an important part of the conference experience.


While nothing can take the place of in-person interaction, there are a few things you can do to give people a shared platform and opportunities to converse more casually, including break-out sessions on Zoom and gift boxes.


Historically, conference attendees receive a branded tote bag, travel coffee mug, a pen, a notepad, or other practical items. All of these things can be included in a conference gift box—along with something unexpected and fun, such as sunglasses or a Bluetooth speaker.


In addition to stoking a little camaraderie, these branded gifts offer an opportunity to get your conference or organization’s name out in the world. After all, one of the advantages to virtual conferences has been that speakers and attendees who previously weren’t able to travel to your location can now participate. 


Take advantage of being able to cast a wider net—and spark participant enthusiasm!

Generate leads

Having to spend so much more time on virtual platforms has altered how people consume information. Get their attention with a gift box of items they can touch, feel, or taste.


For instance, if you sell electronic goods at consumer technology trade shows, reach out to top clients with a gift basket including a cordless phone charger or some new headphones and a note to let them know you’ve taken your products on the (virtual) road. To encourage follow-up, you can also include a link to a Zoom call with your product manager, or even include a QR code that directs to a custom landing page with a special offer. 

Your brand in plain sight

You know the saying, “out of sight, out of mind?” Well, the opposite is also true. Gift boxes should include clever brand placement on useful items like insulated tumblers or sturdy blankets—both of which are for some social distancing with friends at the park. After all, these are items people will pick up and see far more times than the billboard they used to drive by before they worked from home.


Communicate your brand through the items you choose. For instance, a chiropractor might create a wellness-focused gift box that includes a branded mug, tea selection, lip balm, and face mask.

Stay in touch with clients

A little bit of cheer goes a long way. Spread some positive energy—and be remembered for it—by strengthening client relationships with gift boxes.


A law office can send clients who keep them on retainer branded wooden coasters, a cocktail kit, and gourmet nuts, or a pediatrician’s office can reach out with branded playing cards, a stuffed toy for the little ones, and a book or game that the whole family can enjoy. 


You know your clients are spending less time out and about right now, so something they can enjoy while they’re at home will be appreciated. And by showing that you haven’t forgotten them, you can make sure they won’t forget you.

Reinvigorate employee programs

From wellness programs to ways to recognize team members who give back through volunteering, employee programs create shared experience and communicate to employees that the organization they work for cares about their individual well-being.


Gift boxes offer incentive to participate in programs—and they also make the experience more dynamic. For example, a pharmacy may want to reward its staff for participating in stress-relieving mindfulness training or daily steps goals with a water bottle, activewear, and earbuds. For charity programs, consider including gift cards to favorite local businesses for pandemic take-out customized embroidered shirts recognizing the recipient’s good works.

Gift boxes: the business multi-tool

How you choose to reach out depends on your business—but what matters is that you do. Now more than ever, people will appreciate the pleasant surprise of a physical gift. 


Connect with a gift box to enliven a virtual event, generate leads, stay in touch with clients, or support employees. A quality gift box helps you build rapport and forefront your brand.

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