Outdoor Events: The Branded Gear Everyone Wants

  • Mar 18, 2021

Warm(er) weather is just around the corner! Spring always gets us excited about spending time outside—and after a year of quarantining, that’s especially true.


As people flock to the outdoors for fresh-air social distancing—or just some good, old-fashioned stress relief—make sure your company’s brand is featured on the gear they use.


Let your logo see the light of day!

Build memories with camping gear

Whether they’re taking the family camping or just having some friends over to grill, the springtime weather means more people sitting around the campfire or out on the deck to catch up, tell jokes, and maybe share a few stories.


In short, they’re building memories. And what better way to create good associations with your brand than by having your name out there as part of the experience? 


For instance, a doctor’s office could choose to give their employees branded camping chairs as a thank you for being frontline workers—and to encourage their staff to seek a little outdoor relaxation time over the weekends, benefiting their mental and physical health after a difficult year. Coolers, insulated tumblers, and rain-proof outerwear also make great outdoor gifts.

Outdoor party supplies to engage the whole family

One of the great benefits of outdoor time is that it can be a little less structured, letting the kids have a tad more independence from the adults. This spring might not look quite the same as springs of years past, but despite socially-distanced changes, you can expect to see more people than ever before excited to get outside.


In considering outdoor-friendly promotional items, don’t forget about gifts that can appeal to all ages, such as a branded portable speaker. Not only can adults enjoy using it to listen to their music at the park, but so can kids—even a moody teen. You can also include frisbees, beanbags, or picnic blankets that the whole family can gather on.


Bluetooth speakers could be a good choice for an orthodontist’s office to offer either to new clients or to kids who finally get their braces off. A portable speaker has universal appeal—enough so that a younger sibling might steal it.

Workplace gifts for Zoom-free connections 

Or, why not let employees know that you want to support them in enjoying their downtime? Create a spin off of welcome-back gifts when they return to the office—by giving them promotional products that can be enjoyed outside.


For example, a publishing company is beginning to shift employees back to a hybrid schedule of some office time and some remote work. Employees could be welcomed back not with office supplies, but with a branded cooler for outdoor weekend outings. 


Or specific departments could hold an outdoor team meeting to let everyone reconnect away from their computers—complete with branded blankets and easy chairs for people to take home afterward.

Show appreciation for clients

And don’t forget about your clients! Show your appreciation for repeat clients by supporting their outdoor endeavors as the weather warms—whether they’re spending spring break camping with their family or simply going for a hike on the weekends.


A gym could give clients who have been with them for five-plus years branded rain jackets as a thank you—especially after a year of exercising with a mask on. After all, as more of the population gets vaccinated, indoor businesses stand to see a returning surge of business, so what better time than now to get their name out in the world?

Ride the wave

Springtime means increased outdoor time, particularly if that may still be the safest way to see friends and family. 


Make sure promotional gifts bearing your company’s brand are getting a little sunlight as people head outside for stress relief, exercise, family adventure, and shared moments with friends.

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