What to Give in 2020: Trending Products for an Unusual Year

  • Sep 30, 2020

2020 has been a year like no other. These trending promotional products are positioned to meet the moment.


Stuffed gorillas are a thing of the past. 


Today’s promotional products are sleek, modern, and useful. The best of them are both eye-catching and unique, the kind of “Hey, cool, where’d you get that?” gift that becomes a pleasant part of a daily routine. 


But what exactly this cool, covetable, useful item is depends on industry, circumstance, and broader cultural forces—and 2020s circumstances and cultural forces have been, uh, pronounced, to say the least. Believe it or not, all of this upheaval is already reflected in the products that our customers are gravitating towards.


From moody grays to work-from-home essentials, we’ve curated a list of some of the products that people are loving in 2020. 

Elegant ceramics 

Nothing elevates an everyday item like clean, cool ceramic. 


In chaotic times, we crave simplicity. There are few things more soothing on a chilly day than a high-quality ceramic mug filled with your favorite hot drink—and there’s nothing better for a late summer scorcher than a tumbler of iced lemonade.


Trending gifts included simple double-walled tumblers, classic mugs, and on-the-go thermoses in timeless, natural shades. 

The work-from-home/life balance

In the early days of the pandemic, online retailers sold out of external keyboards, bookshelves, and laptop stands. 


Now that remote work is a way of life, the focus is less on getting by and more on finding self-care practices that make staying productive and healthy a little bit easier.


Companies looking to show that they understand how life has changed in the last six months are turning towards stress-relieving gifts that help brighten the work-from-home routine.


We’re seeing a trend towards wellness items like yoga mats, free weights, and water bottles, and work-from-home comfort items fleece hoodies, blankets, and drinkware. 

Cords? What Cords?

Whatever else it may have been, let 2020 also be known as the cord cutting year—the year that we collectively decided to upgrade our corded items to Bluetooth-enabled versions. 


With work-from-home square footage at a premium, businesses are embracing the space (and sanity!) saving wonders of cordless tech. 


Trending technology gifts include bluetooth speakers, noise-canceling headsets, and in-ear headphones. Smaller, ever-popular items include miniature external hard drives and USB flash sticks.

Gray is the new black

Chic and moody—not stern or depressing. Stormy shades like slate and pewter are the new corporate cool. 


We’re seeing drinkware, apparel, office supplies, and decor in this fresh color, and storm gray is expected to remain on-trend through the fall and into 2021.

Eco-conscious: Gift your values 

Did you know that over 70% of people under forty rank protecting the environment as either important or very important?


In the US, support for environmental causes increases with each passing generation, and ecologically-friendly gifts are a way to show your customers what you value while giving them something they can feel good about using. Trending products include reusable grocery bags, reusable drinkware, stainless steel and ceramic straws, and—of course—reusable masks. 


Other popular items include organic and fair-trade cotton apparel, and planners, calendars, and notebooks made out of 100% recycled paper. 

Let us help!

See something you like? Not quite sure what you need? 


Our team is here to help you find the perfect way to stay connected with your clients. Drop us a line and we’ll help you brainstorm a curated list of products tailored to your needs. 

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